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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Do you like to draw like Dilip Mukerjea, whose artistic virtuosity has always been exemplified throughout this weblog?

Dilip Mukerjea went to the United States during the late nineties to fine-tune his perceptual skills in drawing from maestro supremo Dr Betty Edwards.

Our maestro has today created the following 5-day programme on ‘Perceptual Skills in Drawing,’ based on the brilliant work of Dr Betty Edwards.

The objective is to teach anyone who wishes to learn how to draw – in five days!

This seminar is intended to provide participants with the ability to draw. You will learn basic perceptual strategies that will enable you to record what you see.

By the end of the course, you will possess the skills needed to advance in art as well as to improve creative problem solving.

Thus, in addition to learning how to draw, students also learn ways to use mental processes that are often pushed aside in our verbal, analytical society. These new skills will be useful in their professional and personal lives.

The duration of this seminar is 60 hours and the format is either full-time, 5 days x 12 hours per day, or “modular”, e.g. 4 hours per session.

There is an ‘advanced’ course that spans another 20 hours and is a direct follow-up from the preceding one. The material will focus on extending basic drawing skills by means of instruction and practice in some advanced techniques of drawing and composition. The methodology used is applicable to adults as well as to children.

According to the maestro, there is a two-fold benefit for course participants: first, learning to draw well – a skill greatly desired by nearly everyone; and second, learning to visualise – to think visually as an aid to problem-solving.

Interested readers can write to Dilip Mukerjea via for more information regarding his program ~ course fee, scheduling, etc.

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