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Friday, August 14, 2009


[continued from the Last Post.]

Step 5: Lifescape Linkages, Crucial Connections

The above exercise enables us to create “the fundamental axes of crucial uncertainties” (among the most important steps in the entire Lifescaping process). It prompts us to use these insights as a spectrum (along one axis), a matrix (with two axes), or a volume (with three axes) in which different

Lifescape scenarios can be identified and their details filled in. Each Lifescape should have a distinct name (label) for powerful identification and easy recall.

The number of “scenario drivers” must be just enough to generate no more than four Lifescapes. Any more would be a recipe for confusion; three would be unsafe as it might influence the choice of the mid-option, which might not be suitable in some contexts; two would be too few, though sometimes unavoidable.

Various types of plots can organise a Lifescape. The challenge is to identify the plot that (1) best captures the dynamics of the situation and (2) communicates the point effectively.

Step 6: Fleshing Out the Lifescapes

Each Lifescape should incorporate distinctive key factors and trends. It is not always apparent where each facet of a critical uncertainty should be located.

The design of each Lifescape should spotlight salient characteristics where the thought processes include:

the focal issue, critical uncertainties, predetermined elements, embedded assumptions, blind spots, wild cards, early warnings, driving and restraining forces, and an ability to uniquely synthesise this array of elements.

Now knit the pieces together into a narrative.

• Where are we, and what is our situation?
• Where do we wish to go?
• How do we get from here to there?
• What events might be necessary to make the destination of each Lifescape plausible?
• Are there known individuals whose ascendancy in public life might help to craft a given scenario, such as the US President, the CEO of the top-listed Fortune 10 organisation, or the leader of a radical movement ?

[To be continued in the Next Post. All images in this post are the intellectual property of Dilip Mukerjea.]

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