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Friday, March 9, 2012

2 Billion Jobs to Disappear by 2030, according to Thomas Frey, futurist

According to Thomas Frey, who is acknowledged as the “Dean of Futurists“, and who also runs his own thinktank, known as the da Vinci Institute, happened to make a pointed remark at the TEDxReset Conference in Istanbul, Turkey recently to the efffect that "2 Billion Jobs to Disappear by 2030... " (that's, according to him, roughly 50% of all the jobs on this planet).

As I interpret it, a young boy beginning with his Primary I study in a Singapore school today, and by the time he finishes university, probably half of the jobs available in the marketspace upon his graduation, will soon disappear.  That's assuming, of course, if the schools, junior colleges and universities, in Singapore were stuck in the status quo of a "factory model".

That's certainly a frightening thought. As a matter of fact, Dilip Mukerjea poses an interesting question:

"Are we heading for such a level of technological sophistication that we might become obsolete?"

Readers can go to this link to read the entire article which the futurist has written to elaborate on that point.

Thomas Frey is also the innovation editor for THE FUTURIST magazine from the World Future Society.

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