"Genius is in-born, may it never be still-born."

"Oysters, irritated by grains of sand, give birth to pearls. Brains, irritated by curiosity, give birth to ideas."

"Brainpower is the bridge to the future; it is what transports you from wishful thinking to willful doing."

"Unless you keep learning & growing, the status quo has no status."

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


[continued from the Last Post]

Question #5:

‘Learning Ecosystems’ and ‘Innovation Landscapes’ seem like highbrow stuff to us. In a nutshell, can you give us a simple picture on how they would appear in the real world, in terms of, say physical infrastructure, teaching methodology, and mental competencies for the masses, from an individual, community, and/or organisational perspective?

DM: Yes, I understand your point. I am referring to happy habitats for learning and ideas to proliferate. It is difficult for most people to respond enthusiastically to regimes that are regimented. I believe that play power must trump power play.

Our scenarios for learning across all ages must be FUN-damental, in that they could assume the guise of Theme Parks, Safaris, Theatre Sets, and so on, reflective of our pleasure-seeking persuasions.

I have several concepts and designs for these ideas to be replicated in reality, as 3-D structures, as well as in digital formats.

Both instances would be highly interactive, designed to stimulate, not stipulate…one of these is my concept of The Brainaissance University, a first of its kind on the planet.

[to be continued in the Next Post]

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