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Thursday, November 25, 2010


[continuation from the Last Post ~ in connection with the recent launch of a series of new programs intended for parents as well as their school-going kids/teens, under the auspices of 'The House of Creative Brains'.]

In school, exams are essentially a mind game, often played by examiners to test how fast you can recall & how well you can respond, under prescribed parameters within a limited time-frame.

The test is of "Speed" & "Precision", not necessary of real learning having taken place.

With "Speed" & "Precision" as the only defining factors in exams, the students have no option, but to know how to play & win the game.

Dilip has the tools & methodologies to help participants, especially students, become champion players with winning imperatives. He calls it 'Examining the Examiner' to help you get into the mind of the examiner, so that you can negotiate the transition from confusion to clarity.

More importantly, he will share with you how to master the 100+ test verbs often used in an exam. In the lingo of Singapore's favourite contractor, Phua Chu Kang, these are the "Die, Die, Must Know".

Oftentimes, students don't have the correct understanding of even the basic test verbs, e.g. "Compare", "Contrast", "Define", "Explain", "Describe".

Once they are sitting in the exam hall, raring to go, they don't have the luxury of time to figure out the test verbs. They just have to respond almost spontaneously to the exam questions within the limited time frame.

As Phua Chu Kang would say gleefully, "Don't Play, Play!".

[to be continued in the Next Post.]

[For more information about the series of new programs under 'The House of Creative Brains', please get in touch with Ms. Faye Yeoh via her email]

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