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Saturday, August 8, 2009

INTRODUCING LIFESCAPE, A Masterpiece from Dilip Mukerjea

Here's another brilliant intellectual creation from Dilip Mukerjea. It's an example of a lifescape, & the attendant methodology is called 'lifescaping'.

In simplistic terms, a lifescape is just a roadmap from point A to point B, or endpoint.

Because it's visual, it automatically engenders a gestalt perspective.

Hence, it can capture readily all the pertinent bottlenecks, obstacles as well as signposts or milestones, & even the performance metrics, all in visual forms, of one's intended journey towards a preferred future or desired outcome, in any kind of setting - be it organisational, professional or personal.

In a more elaborate form, one can also display mission, vision & value statements, as well as critical success factors, with bold actions as part of one's gameplan, all visually, on the roadmap.

In a nut shell, a lifescape is a quick snapshot of where you want to go, how you want to get there, & what are the likely problems, as well as opportunities, along your journey path.

When 'Neutron Jack', or better known to most people as Jack Welch, embarked on his well-known GE Workout during the early eighties, the first thing he did was to engage David Sibbet of Grove Consultants to create a one-page vision map - which is a variation of lifescape - for all employees to stay focused & committed on the chosen recovery path.

Please stay tuned, as Dilip is currently working on a complete hands-on strategy guide with templates & worksheets to help you craft out your own lifescape.

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