"Genius is in-born, may it never be still-born."

"Oysters, irritated by grains of sand, give birth to pearls. Brains, irritated by curiosity, give birth to ideas."

"Brainpower is the bridge to the future; it is what transports you from wishful thinking to willful doing."

"Unless you keep learning & growing, the status quo has no status."

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Dilip Mukerjea walks his talk when it comes to putting his own personal as well as professional creativity to work.

He conceives and designs all his own advertising and promotional posters.

In the foregoing poster, which he has designed specifically for use by his new publisher in India, in connection with the launch of his two books on the sub-continent, his close attention to details as well as his aesthetical appreciation of iconographics, text and layout is impeccable.

His artistic design skills are not confined to poster design. He will be most happy to offer them to clients in need of conceiving and designing of corporate logos, office stationery, product brochures, and all the related ancillaries, plus portrait and caricature.

It is pertinent to point out that no commercial clip arts are used, as everything you see in the design is originally conceptualised and hand-crafted first, and then technology-enhanced.

Interested parties can get in touch with him by writing to

What follows is another latest example of his artistic virtuosity.

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