"Genius is in-born, may it never be still-born."

"Oysters, irritated by grains of sand, give birth to pearls. Brains, irritated by curiosity, give birth to ideas."

"Brainpower is the bridge to the future; it is what transports you from wishful thinking to willful doing."

"Unless you keep learning & growing, the status quo has no status."

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"The quickest path between one person and another is a story." BRAINTALES SHOWS YOU HOW TO DO IT WITH FINESSE!

Braintales is the creative affirmation that ‘Beauty lies in the brain of the beholder, and within the hearts of ‘taleblazers’.

The quickest path between one person and another is a story.

Storytelling has a direct impact on:

* building intelligence
* enhancing communication
* developing rapport
* crafting strategy
* exercising leadership
* igniting entrepreneurship

You can’t bore people into buying your offerings! Customers don’t just buy products; they buy what these products and services are going to do for them.

Braintales teaches you not just how to communicate, but to sell...via a platform of story techniques that arouse interest, build expertise, and close the sale.

Seminar Objective

How to get attention, communicate, and persuade... with eloquence, eminence, and elegance: Move ahead from apathy to attention,confusion to communication, survival to success! Via vibrancy in thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and bonding...the indispensible facets of story!


Fast-paced, totally interactive, and with ample opportunity to develop these skills in real time for regular future integration in the worksphere. Emphasis is placed on practical applications, for immediate use.

Who Must Attend

Executives at all levels and from any discipline in the corporate and educational ecosystems.

People who wish to become brilliant communicators, astute strategic thinkers, authors, editors, or publishers, and stunning high performers in their quest for the best across diverse aspects of life in what has become a world of incomparable competitive intelligence.

Above all, people who do not wish to die with their story untold!


An entire listing of fundamental benefits is given on the next two pages.

Essentially, Braintales:

• Enables you to become articulate with words and imagery

• Inspires you to become a collaborative communicator and an eloquent conversationalist

• Saves you vast sums of money by establishing a culture that propagates your brand

Duration: 2 or 3 days, 0830-1830 hours/day/seminar

Cost: S$995/person/2 days, min.24 pax S$1295/person/3 days, min. 24 pax

Seminar Leader: Dilip Mukerjea

Venue: Arranged by Client

How do stories enable an organisation (or a society) to move ahead from strength to strength?

Some Examples:

* Storytelling invests our lives with more meaning

* It connects us more empathetically with others

* It stimulates and nurtures our creativity

* It enlivens and enhances our sense of humour

* It infuses us with courage and confidence

* It renders our lives more memorable

Converting Parables to Profit:


* help us create a flesh, blood, and soul environment

* help us learn from the past

* are effective at raising hidden issues

* can be successful at transferring knowledge

* help to build trust, and to command attention

* humanise the teller, the listener, and the prevailing situation (where relevant)

* inspire ‘internal branding’ about people getting things done

* enable us to think, learn, communicate, and bond

* help to create yearning, learning, earning organizations

* infuse a human element into discussions (note that the crucial missing ingredient in most failed communications is humanity).

* help people feel acknowledged, connected, less alone, and more alive.

* tether us to something safe, thus acting as a life-preserver in a chaotic ocean of choice (which often leaves us as disembodied voices begging for attention).

* help us to feel more than just a dot on a bell curve!

The vital issues of this world are ultimately decided by the story that grabs the most attention and is repeated most often.

The Values Embedded in Storytelling:

For the individual

* Inspires interest in life, stimulates imagination, sharpens intellect, and propagates innovation by enhancing our ability to: think, feel, listen, speak, narrate, communicate with empathy, and above all, to understand ourselves, and thus excavate meaning from life in order to bond with one another.

* Awakens our interest in other cultures, enlightens us with a deeper understanding of our own, and builds bridges across the oceans of consciousness that separate us through prejudice, bigotry, and fanaticism.

* Engenders ideas via subtle shifts in contexts, whereby a pinball effect of associations can lead one from breakdown to breakthrough.

For a community, an organisation, or a nation:

* Transforms and regulates behaviour by communicating morals, values, beliefs, and the infinite wisdom of the ages.

* Archives history, preserves tradition, and propagates harmonious evolution for future generations to learn from past wisdom.

* Propagates strategic thinking, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship via its inherent structure.

* Promotes group bonding through shared joys and sorrows.

* Nurtures empathetic leadership whereby leaders learn to communicate in response to diverse scenarios: through their powers of storytelling, they can calm a mob, energise a nation, and turbocharge conviction in order to realise a greater good!

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