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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Introducing Dilip Mukerjea's Latest Seminar Creation: PASSIONTATIONS

Passionate Presentations are a tool for high-stakes internal and external communications. It is not just a transfer of information, but more so, a transfer of emotions!

This medium will influence your important constituents and the impression they develop of you and your organization. A great, passionate presentation can seal the deal.

Business communication has revved up to a blistering pace. Poor presentations can result in perished profits! Great presentations trump all challenges by delivering your messages with the emotional muscle demanded by today’s frenetic marketspace.

Every time you speak, you tell your audience who you are…and what you represent. YOU are the message. But what good is this knowledge? Knowledge isn’t power; communicating knowledge with passion is.

The Main Idea:

How to present with passion, so as to

• command attention
• evoke emotion
• change minds
• inspire action


Delivering passionate presentations for outstanding outcomes! Passiontations is about the successful exchange of emotion within an auditorium….for a greater good.,
by YOU becoming a marquee presenter exuding eloquence via truths deeply felt, plainly stated, and powerfully delivered.


Fast-paced, totally interactive, and with ample opportunity to develop these skills in real time for regular future integration in the worksphere. Emphasis is placed on practical applications,
for immediate use.

Who Must Attend

Executives at all levels and from any discipline in the corporate and educational ecosystems. People who wish to become brilliant communicators, astute strategic thinkers, authors, editors, or publishers, and stunning high performers in their quest for the best across diverse aspects of life in what has become a world of incomparable competitive intelligence.

Above all, people who do not wish to die with their story untold!


Passiontations arms you with an arsenal of articulation assets:

• Enables you to become articulate with distinction

• Inspires you to become a high-octane orator

• Propagates profit by gaining buy-in of your brilliance, through you being able to PERSUADE, INFORM, and ENTERTAIN!

Seminar Outline

Imparting skills that reveal how a passionate presentation can excite the imagination with its message, visual story, and delivery; furthermore, it can

❦ identify—alert the audience to who they are and who they can become

❦ influence—shape the way they think and feel

❦ inspire—make them want to act!

These facets

❦ instill a vision

❦ facilitate epiphanies

❦ orchestrate winning outcomes

The preceding thoughts, complemented by a suite of practical, hands-on techniques, are at the core of “Passiontations”. Audiences will pay attention to your delivery if you care enough about them to help them solve a problem, achieve a goal, or fulfill a need or desire. None of this is possible without passion.

Hands-on, highly interactive, practical strategies that incorporate a triunity of hook, spin, and buzz components as expressions of high-octane presentations.

• The HOOK is designed to build irresistible appeal...your Magnet!

• The SPIN charts a course for your message to be embraced...your Manner!

• The BUZZ is the afterglow of your brilliant delivery…a promise of prosperity...your Music!

The material draws on fields as diverse as persuasion and social psychology, advertising, kinaesthetics, engineering, politics, linguistics, public relations, and visual design.

In essence, your presentations from now on will have BITE, so that they BRING in rewards, because you are able to BEDAZZLE your audiences with your BRILLIANCE!

Duration: 3 days, 0830-1830 hours/day/seminar

Cost: S$1295/person/3 days, min. 24 pax

Seminar Leader: Dilip Mukerjea

Venue: Arranged by Client

The only hard and fast rule is to speak from the heart!

Interested parties looking for onsite or offsite engagements can write to Dilip Mukerjea at

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