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Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Innovation, indulgence & imagination ~ find it all at Iluma!...Inspiration at every turn!"

Yesterday afternoon, my wife & I took some time off from our busy relocation logistical planning [we are scheduled to move to Vietnam in mid-September] to do some window-shopping at the Bugis Junction.

Immediately after that, I remembered the newly opened Iluma shopping centre located just opposite it, & so we went across via the connecting air-conditioned overhead pedestrian bridge over Victoria Street.

According to a news report, Iluma is Singapore's first urban entertainment centre, targetted at today's yuppies in their 20's/30's, known more for their artsy & edgy pursuits.

To be frank, the entire multi-storey building looked to me more like a critical mass of crystal mesh, with its fancy theme of light & illumination - hence the name, Iluma - as envisaged by its Belin-based architects.

In a nut shell, there is the Colossuem@Iluma, a cybergaming centre [part of the larger Tornado integrated entertainment centre occupying the entire top floor] which touts itself as the largest in Singapore, with over 200 gaming terminals & 20 high-end Predator machines.

There is also the Filmgarde, Singapore's newest multiplex cinema chain.

Of course, there is the usual - should I say mandatory - bunch of retailers: wear apparel, sports goods, fashion knick-knacks, watches, costume jewelry, etc. There are also strategically located fast food restaurants & coffee joints.

On L2 & L3, there are the SCE-ARTS (which stands for Singapore Cultural Exchange of the Arts), which apparently provides generous avant garde spaces for the arts & cultural performances.

Naturally, while my wife zeroed into the retail outlets to look for bargains, I went snooping around for wonderful pictures to take.

The following beautiful digital snapshots captured the essence of Iluma's mini-arts resort, so to speak, with its catchy advertising blitz "Innovation, Indulgence & Imagination ~ find it all at Iluma!... Inspiration at every turn!".

The foregoing four Chinese characters mean "Indulgence".

The following twelve snapshots pertain to the winning poster designs, with King Kong as the major theme.

Unfortunately, the gallery showing the winning poster designs for 'Dracula' was closed during my visit.

The following three snapshots pertain to paper projects made out of 'Conqueror' paper. Probably, an artsy initiative from the paper vendor.

[More information about Iluma is available at their corporate website.]


Shuchita said...

Any idea if the posters were for sale ? We tried looking for an information desk but we couldn't see any one :-(


Hi: Why don't you try to contact Iluma?