"Genius is in-born, may it never be still-born."

"Oysters, irritated by grains of sand, give birth to pearls. Brains, irritated by curiosity, give birth to ideas."

"Brainpower is the bridge to the future; it is what transports you from wishful thinking to willful doing."

"Unless you keep learning & growing, the status quo has no status."

Monday, September 7, 2009


In an earlier post, I have talked about 'Ideas Build On Ideas' & I have used futurist Joel Arthur Barker's latest business concept, known as 'Innovation at the Verge', as an illustration.

He explains the 'verge' as "where something & something different meet".

According to him, 'Innovation at the Verge' is when two or more elements that are very different from one another are joined together to create a single idea that solves problems the separate elements could not.

He has also given the example of a forklift that is also a weighing scale.

Yesterday, while hanging out at the Jurong Point shopping mall with my wife, I saw something that caught my eyes immediately, as captured by my digital snapshots in this blogpost.

Bossini, a popular wear apparel maker, has joined forces with & extrapolated the image of the world's largest soup maker & marketer, Campbell's, to create a new series of exciting & sporty wear apparel for young people.

Isn't this innovation at the verge?

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