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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

CONCEPTUAL SYMBOL, the latest intellectual creation from Dilip Mukerjea

Dilip Mukerjea has been, for quite some time, creating an excellent series of original conceptual symbols. I will take the opportunity to highlight them, probably one by one, in this weblog.

Unlike a conventional graphic symbol, a conceptual symbol is esentially an integral imagery, which captures the essence of a rich story, comprising all the salient elements, for quick communication to a reader, all within a singular picture.

As a strategy tool in communication, it accentuates the axiom of "a picture speaks a thousand words".

In this particular case, the conceptual symbol as introduced embodies the rich story behind "Passiontations", a new project Dilip is now working on to help managers & executives, especially those working in highly-sophisticated technology-driven fields, to become more passionate & enthusiastic in their business presentations.

As I can see, with Dilip's spontaneous concurrence:

- the light-bulbs & the hearts are the "emotionally engaging"/"passion burning" ideas for the customer to sense in the total picture of a businesss presentation;

- the graphs + pie charts = the hardware specs, or more explicitly, the "head logic" behind it all - but, still needed by the customer;

- but, magic wand = an added, "magic-creating"/"desire churning" perspective, from which the customer gets energised, charged up & woo-ed quickly in sensing from a business presentation, which in turn, helps expediting the customer confident buy-in; henceforth, the essence of

As a matter of fact, to stretch the story a little bit further:

- the male image in the imagery can represent a hard-nosed, bottom-line perspective, to address possible questions like: "what's it going to cost me?"/"what's my immediate takeaway from this proposition?";

- the female image in the imagery can represent a softer, gut-feel, intuitive-sensing perspective, to address possible questions like: "what's going to make me feel good?"/"what's so exciting about this proposition?"

Nonetheless, "Passiontations", is likely to end up as the title of a new book by Dilip in the not-too-distant future. It will be the mother of all "effective presentation skills" books.

Please stay tuned!

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